Partnerships & Collaborations


AurimMed’s lead product candidate, AMP-X-0079, as well as many of the product candidates we expect to develop in the future, are primarily intended to address a variety of non-systemic market segments, some of which are large, primary care markets. We do not currently have, nor do we intend in the near term to create, a commercialization organization capable of marketing, selling and distributing our targeted product candidates to large, primary care markets in the United States or elsewhere. Our intention is to establish commercialization partnerships with pharmaceutical, biotechnology or other leading organizations with the experience and resources to bring our products to market. In some cases, we may enter into agreements with these organizations during the development stage of a product candidate to benefit further from their clinical development, regulatory, market research, pre-marketing and other expertise. Substantially all of our long-lived assets are located in the United States.


National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke (NINDS)


Department of Biological Services Delaware State University (

NeuroProof GmbH- Screening Services for Pre-Clinical Development of Neuro-Pharmaceuticals ( )